What are Topical Patches ?

A Topical Patch is an adhesive patch, which contains a specific amount of vitamin(s) that sticks to the skin. The vitamins are absorbed through the skin and straight into the bloodstream via the blood vessels. The medical adhesive insures that the patch stays on throughout the day/night comfortably with minimal to no irritation.


It’s designed in such a way that the vitamins are slowly released into the body, giving a steady flow throughout the day.

Joint Ease

Joint Ease has helped my knees so I can now comfortably handle my daily walks in the morning and then again in the evening!

B12 Pro

I have so much energy when I use the B-12!! This is a great product and will definitely be buying it again - Lexi


All I can say is ahhhhh! No more pills, no more staking bottles and filling my pill organiser. Thanks for making something so simple and easy to use!